The weight plates can be divided into three categories: coated ("rubberized"), solid ("bumper"), technical. The first are metal weight plates covered with rubber or polyurethane, the second are weight plates entirely made of rubber or polyurethane.  The combination between these elements: coated or solid, rubber or polyurethane, determines the features, destination of use, production cost; polyurethane has the highest production cost.  The technical weight plates, on the other hand, are sui generis discs, i.e. they are produced according to their solutions to meet specific technical requirements. If we consider the weight plate simply as a weight, the use of metal is certainly the most suitable solution, in terms of cost but also in terms of size, bulk, and the possibility of loading them on tools and racks. Considered instead in the field of weighing, the weight plate must also be resilient (resisting dynamic forces, i.e. the impact on the floor, absorbing energy with elastic deformations), the use of rubber fulfills this function.  Finally, if evaluated in the context of a tool room, the weight plate must also have aesthetic, accident prevention, and handling characteristics, with comfortable grips, as in metal weight plates covered with rubber or polyurethane. Starting from this brief premise we analyze the main properties of the various models of weight plates that we produce.
Rubber Covered Metal Weight Plates - Series 9030/3-9035/3 Rubber Plate   Composed by the sizes 1,25; 2,5; 5; 10; 20 kg, exclusively in black color, this line was born to obtain the best affordability for multi-purpose discs with handle. The metal makes it possible to mold the grips maintaining a high structural resistance, the rubber guarantees a minimum resilience and good accident prevention and grip comfort characteristics.  They are the most aesthetically spartan weight plates of our line and can also be used on technical floors as long as the fall is always accompanied and well-controlled.
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Polyurethane coated metal weight plates - Series 9030-9036 PU Plate Composed of sizes 1.25; 2.5; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25 kg, two-tone black/grey, this line was created to achieve the highest quality and aesthetic standards for multi-purpose weight plates with handles. The metal makes it possible to mold the handles maintaining a high structural resistance, the polyurethane guarantees further resistance, good accident prevention qualities, and very high grip comfort.  These weight plates are harder to the touch than the rubberized ones, but the finish obtainable with polyurethane allows to realize very rounded edges.  The polyurethane discs are distinguished by clear colors, absence of odor, absence of marks due to the mold so that the impeccable aesthetics is one of the most important characteristics of PU Plate. The degradation from wear and light of polyurethane is much lower than the rubber.
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Solid Rubber Weight Plates - 9040/1-9044/1 Series Rubber Bumper Plates The solid weight plates are made for weightlifting (weightlifting, powerlifting, cross-training) and therefore to withstand the falls of the barbell to the ground, hence the name bumper.  To ensure an evenly distributed support, as well as a fixed height of the bar from the floor, the bumper plates are all produced with the same outer diameter, conventionally fixed at 45 cm by various federal regulations. For mechanical properties, synthetic rubber is the most suitable material for the realization of this type of weight plates. The 9040/1-9044/1 series, composed of sizes 5; 10; 20 kg, was born to obtain the best quality and affordability, for this reason, it is produced exclusively in black color, without varnishing, and with steel ring.
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Solid Rubber Discs - 9040/2-9046/2 Pro-Training Rubber Bumper Plate Series Consisting of sizes 5; 10; 15; 20; 25 kg, colors according to IWF standard, this line of bumpers was born to obtain high-quality standards. The rubber used is the same as the line /1 but the plate, colored, mounts a steel plate to reinforce the central area and reduce the tolerance with the bumper.  For these reasons, reliability, durability, and precision in the insertion on the barbell are improved.
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Polyurethane solid weight plates - Series 9040/3 - 9046/3 PU Bumper Plate COLOR Consisting of sizes 5; 10; 15; 20; 25 kg, color-coded according to IWF standard, this line of bumpers is made of polyurethane.  As already pointed out polyurethane can be considered the best material to produce weight plates.  Very high resistance, extraordinary compactness, reduced rebound, no odor, sharp colors, no imperfections and marks due to the mold, perfect coupling with the steel plate, PU plates represent the best possible solution in terms of reliability, aesthetics, and general quality. The wear and degradation due to the tear and light of polyurethane are much lower than rubber. Moreover, thanks to the high density of the material, PU plates have a very reduced thickness, which allows loading a barbell over 350 kg, almost as if they were metal plates, but with the advantage of being more resilient.   However, the lower elastic deformation compared to rubber can also be considered a limit for those who prefer softer and bouncy bumpers.
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Polyurethane solid plates - Series 9040/4 - 9046/4 PU Bumper Plate BLACK For aesthetic reasons, the PU Bumper Plates are also available in single color black with white logos and numbers.
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Technical plates - Series 9038/05 - 9038/25 FRACTIONAL PLATES FRICTION GRIP - MY2021 Consisting of sizes 0.5; 1; 1.5, 2; 2.5 kg, color-coded according to IWF standard, this line is composed of small metal plates covered with rubber, that allow splitting the loadable weight.  The hole is not equipped with a ring, but, instead, it features a rubber membrane able to exert a friction grip on the barbell.  Thanks to this solution, the fractional discs can be positioned externally to the disc stop collars to make their insertion and disengagement faster.  The rubber membrane allows the loading. Still, adhering to the disc holder does not allow the disc to move or slip off easily by gravity; FRICTION GRIP function.
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Technical Plates - 9040/25 Technical Plates 2.5 kg Solid PVC plate, without a ring, produced with a thickness of only 2 cm to obtain the same diameter of the bumper discs, 45 cm, and then bring the barbell to the same height from the ground.  This makes it possible to use the Technical Plates 2.5 also in combination with bumpers as the space they occupy on the barbell is very limited.  The material, hard and resistant, allows using these plates also in support on technical floors as long as the fall is always accompanied and controlled.
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9040/25H - 9040/50H - Technical Hollow Plates Series Consisting of 2.5 and 5 kg, these are empty and thick polyethylene discs. These plates don't have the standard ring. Their thickness, 6 and 8.5 cm allow to obtain the same diameter of the bumper discs, 45 cm, to bring the barbell to the same height from the ground. Despite their reduced weight, with these plates, it is possible to drop the barbell on rubberized floorings.
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All the existing tools for weightlifting and powerlifting offered in the Sidea catalog. Including weight plates and bumpers, from fractional to pro-training. Available in rubber or polyurethane.

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