Training structures that can be developed both in dimensions and optionals, starting from a unique basic component: the Power Cage Rack.


The Rack Stations are multifunctional structures, able to combine multiple training modes thanks to the presence of a very wide range of accessories and optional components. Functional and suspension training, but also Calisthenics and barbell training: you can configure your Rack Station to adapt to any training needs, dimensions and extremely diversified contexts.

The basic component of each Rack Station is the Power Cage Rack code 9095, a training "cage" made up of 60 x 60 mm tubular, equipped along the uprights with holes compatible with the various optional accessories. Each Power Cage Rack is supplied with a pair of Roller J Hooks included (which can also be purchased separately), which act as barbell supports that can be fixed at various heights along the rack uprights and therefore allow it to be used as a weightlifting station, both with and without bench. The two long crosspieces of the Power Cage Rack, 38 mm in diameter, can also be used as pull-up bars (at a height of 225 cm), or even as an attachment point for elastic bands or accessories for suspension training, such as the Flying.

A Rack Station can be composed of a single Power Cage Rack, expanded in functions and dimensions by adding optional accessories along the uprights or at their top, or by more than one rack, connected to each other by further optionals, such as pull-up and hanging bars or ladders for suspension exercises such as Monkey Walk.


This wide possibility of personalising training applications and, in particular, of the horizontal extension of the structure, makes the Rack Stations adaptable to extremely diversified contexts. It is in fact possible to evaluate more compact configurations, for places with limited space (such as personal training studios or  home gyms), but also particularly extensive and complete solutions, suitable to host larger groups of users at the same time and a wider range of training applications, as in the cases of traditional gyms and sports centres.


In 2019 the Italian club Atalanta B.C., which has always been among the clubs who have most invested in their young players, unveiled a new building within the "Bortolotti" Training Center in Zingonia completely dedicated it to the Youth Sector. This building includes also a gym in which the absolute protagonist is a custom Rack Station, colored in black and blue and composed of four Power Cage Racks connected to each other by two 2000 H. Ladder and a D. Ladder.

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Both the Power Cage Racks and all the optional components of the Rack Station can also be evaluated in the Outdoor version: the cataphoresis treatment takes place by covering the tubes with epoxy resin, even internally. The resin, combined with the paint during the second phase, guarantees great resistance to atmospheric agents, allowing the Rack Station to be positioned outdoors.

Rack station packs

The Rack Stations are available in 8 pre-configured versions, the Rack Station Packs, which include some of the most common and requested structures and which can be purchased both in the indoor and outdoor version by simply adding them to the cart.

Alternatively, it is possible to evaluate the composition of a custom structure, adding the Power Cage Racks and optional components to the cart individually based on your own needs and preferences. For support in the choice of components, in the evaluation of compatibility and to receive graphic representations of possible custom configurations, you can fill out the appropriate form in the "Gym Design" section.

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Rack Station

Fully customizable in size and color. The structure’s central unit is the Power Cage Rack (cod. 9095). Several optional tools can be installed on it.

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