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Kettlebell Iron, Competition & Vinyl

The Kettlebell is rightly considered the symbol of Functional Training as it was the first to break the traditional training patterns related to isotonic machines, handlebars, and barbells.
Although it is the tool that condenses all the fundamental elements of Functional Training, the Kettlebell is also the one that has experienced many technical interpretations over the years. Many of which, unfortunately, far from the scientific parameters dictated by the biomechanics of the human body movement. In the eyes of skeptics, the Kettlebell has ended up being often considered a “useless” and “dangerous” tool.
The problem lies in the technical approximation of its use. With the right technical knowledge (which only a Trainer specialized in their use can have), the Kettlebell has incredible potential in all aspects of physical training.
It is an excellent tool for injury prevention (especially of the shoulder, spine, and knees) and general physical preparation.
Also, an outstanding instrument when performing all those sports where the extension power of the hips, the stabilization of the spine, and a functional and robust structure of the scapulohumeral track is required both as stability and in multiplanar movements.
Among other fundamental functions of Kettlebell Training, it enables articular decompression work associated with continuous stabilization in the physiological joint position of the scapulohumeral track, in the three planes of movement (sagittal, frontal and transverse), with the continuous support of the core and lower body base (hips and lower limbs).
Thanks to their shape, the Kettlebells, flat-bottomed spheres with a handle in the upper part, allow the decentralization of the handgrip concerning the mass. The Kettlebell training quickly develops excellent grip, strength, endurance, and muscle quality. Their shape also allows the safe development of ballistic movements by engaging all muscle chains on all planes of movement, thus improving joint health and posture, as well as rapidly increasing coordination, speed, and power of the athlete!
These tools are handy both in terms of athletic preparation and in improving posture and general physical conditioning.
Training with KETTLEBELL is part of the functional training that is having an absolute success lately, and that is probably influencing future trends in athletic preparation and fitness.

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