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Elastics and bands fitness

The latex-free rolled-up elastic bands are particularly practical and economical. They owe their great success to this outstanding feature. The stretch band design allows you to roll the elastic band around your hands, shortening or lengthening it according to the exercise and intensity you want to obtain. This feature makes the latex bands useful in many contexts: fitness, rehabilitation, pilates, athletic preparation, even group lessons. The option in 25 m rolls allows the elastic band to be cut to the desired size.
Big Tubing products can be used in many different contexts, from functional fitness to athletic preparation. The resistance running is undoubtedly the most well-known exercise, even if these elastic bands are suitable for many other fitness purposes. The Easy version, medium to low resistance, allows you to use the elastic in excellent safety, even with the older adults, and to perform different exercises, such as running sideways, running backward, four legs, leaps, jumps or climbs on raised floors.
The Power Big Tubing, with double the resistance compared to the Easy model, is useful in all those settings in which you work with athletes in the context of specific exercises of resistance running or strengthening. Also, in this case, it is possible to use two or three elastics at the same time according to your needs.
The GYM BAR is a simple and very efficient tool, born from the idea of joining two elastic bands with a webbing grip to a training bar. With the GYM BAR, it is possible to perform an infinite number of exercises useful for toning, cardiovascular training, mobility, and joint flexibility. Besides, you can change the workloads quickly, even during the exercises, only by rotating the bar so that the elastic band is rolled around it. For this reason, the GYM BAR can be useful for group training. Its easiness of transport makes it a perfect tool for professional trainers who need to move around with different items.

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