For our designers to start a project properly, we need to know the functional area where the structure will be placed. Based on the types of training offered and the number of users who will train with the structure, we plan a tailored proposal according to our training idea and avant-garde formula. We create 3D visual designs to allow you to see exactly what your gym will look like.

Sidea project

Depending on the customer’s needs and preferences, our designers can entirely set up a wholly equipped Personal Training Studio, a weight room, or a functional area, including the flooring solutions and all the possible training tools and equipment.

Outrace project

Starting from the gym’s planimetry, we can develop an installation project for OUTRACE, considering the architecture of the room and the presence of other training tools and equipment. Through a 3D simulation, the customer can also watch a virtual representation of how the working space will look with the OUTRACE structure’s introduction.


custom project

The customer’s need, in this case, was to install an OUTRACE structure in a room that had a supporting column in the middle. Thanks to the modular composition of the OUTRACE structures, our designers developed an ad hoc solution that integrated the column in the project, achieving a functional and eye-catching result.